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Our members, the drunk driving attorneys who receive your leads, are from all over the country. Pittsburgh, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and other major cities like LA, Atlanta, and Detroit all depend on our services to help them get in contact with clients that require representation for DUI/Drunk Driving Cases. Our lawyers have represented many people from may different walks of life including actors, singers and executives.


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Our parent company has established on-going relationships with lawyers and law firms across the United States. Our service is not just for the rich. Our lawyers sometimes take Pro Bono cases based on the nature of the case that requires DUI Attorney Representation. We have helped hundreds of people obtain free legal representation and thousands more find the right attorney to represent them in drunk driving cases.

We were contacted within an hour by three different attorneys for my husbands DUI case. I was nervous about doing this online, but the process turned out to be very comfortable. Thank you so much for your help!

To be honest, I never write these, but I was in some serious trouble and desperate. I didn’t have a clue how to find a lawyer for what I needed. These guys (John and Andy), were so helpful that I felt compelled to write this. They called me in like 20 mins after I submitted the form, asked for a little bit more information (nothing personal), and then told me to site tight by the phone. I did and the next day, I was contacted by four different attorneys who were interested in helping me out. Thanks so much for everything!

My son got into a little trouble involving alcohol and driving. I was a bit embarrassed when talking to attorneys on the phone. I don’t think they really listened to what I needed. These guys helped me find 2 attorneys in my area that specialized in exactly what we needed help with. Happy to say my son is still in school, doing well and most importantly, staying out of trouble. I really didn’t expect much, but I got more than I had hoped for. Thanks a million for all your help!


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